Is there a way to save a single test case in html format?

I see an option to save a test suite as html but not a single test case. I can export a single test case, but not to html. Just curious why and if this is being considered as an addition to future Katalon Recorder releases. Thanks.

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Requested the same thing before! Probably you’re able to create an browser extension doing this as the example katalon is providing in the docs since version 3.4.0

But then anyway you have trouble to import/use it in the katalon recorder because probably it will be opened as test suite/case. Again you need to move it again and you are left with an empty suite that you need to delete every single time. Not ideal i would say!

I’m not really in a big hurry anymore for this feature but would like it as well… For now we just open a few suites that is including the same test case. Or just simple copy/paste all test steps if we need them somewhere else.

Looking more forward to be able to open and save complete projects.