Is there a way to export a Katalon project to SoapUI?

There’s a need for our company to specifically use SoapUI in some cases (like showcasing products to clients). It seems at least two years ago exporting Katalon projects to SoapUI wasn’t possible. What about now?

There’s no plugins i could find for either Katalon or SoapUI at least.

As far as I know, Kalaton Studio never had an option to export a project to whatever other tool.

It has the ability to import requests from other toys / tools, e.g Postman, Soap, which may work fine or not.

but that’s all.

Too bad if that’s true. I was hoping there might be a solution by now.

well … think about a bit.
the interrest of Katalon, as a bussines, it may be to gain more users, but not to facilitate the opt-out :slight_smile:

just my two cents, but i will let the staff to speak on this matter.

I mean, it also makes it harder to opt into Katalon for the reasons i described. You might need to use something other than Katalon sometimes, but you can’t and so it might be better to not use Katalon at all.

Every verndors want to lock you in their own party. They would not mind the others sake.

Well, so you have to stick with your company requests.
Unfortunately, as I understand, this means for you to re-write current testcases from scratch.
Bad luck!

In my case, the request is to mainly use python for whatever testing type.
So we wrote everything from scratch
This is it, the company pay my salary so I have to do what is requested.

I haven’t done much with it yet. It’s just one of the factors to decide whether to use Katalon. For the current project it will probably be fine to use it, but for some others it will cause issues.

Well, what you can do is, make some POC projects and try to show to your company that, in addition to Soap requests, katalon can do also:

  • Restfull API’s
  • web testing
  • db testing
  • desktop app testing

If you build a strong case, perhaps your company will accept it, based on the needs.
The same I did at the previous company, when exploring various tools and frameworks to somehow start to do automated tests instead of just clicking again and again the whole day.
Luckily, at that time Katalon was free, so it was quickly addopted.
Today you have to deal also with the licencing cost (and various instabilities found here and there)

I already showed Katalon to my company and it actually likes it. SoapUI is a client requirement for one of the projects.

Well, on this matter unfortunately you cannot do much (unless you have one of the bellow mentioned roles)
It will be the BA / PO role to talk with the client and show to them the same QA-lity can be achieved by using various other tools.
But sometime, clients are just clients :slight_smile: