New User - Seeking Automation Guidance

Hi All,

New to Katalon as in just downloaded it. I’m looking for an alternative to SOAPUI, which is excellent of course, that makes scripting for automating tests easier without having to fork out 700 a session.

Are there any pointerrs to getting started that a Katalon noobie could follow to automate tests pleasse, I have a library of over 100 API calls and my ultimate goal is to automate the suite, all of the tests have at least 1 dependency on 1 test and some have dependencies on others. All normal stuff and not apparently simple to build in other tools.

Cheers in advance for all inputs :smiley:

Is there a pro version of Katalon or just the single fully functional open source version?



Hi -

There is no pro version of katalon, there are service options that katalon provide Katalon Help Center however they do come at a cost.

Im not sure how much testing/development experience you have but katalon is a really nice tool to use. Much less of a learning curve to something like selenium, you say uve used SOAPUI so this should be fine for you.
This community is a great help and the amount of documentation on the product is great.

My honest advice to you is just get stuck in, im not sure how you prefer to learn but me personally, i just like to get in and learn as i go along. There is always the demo tests that katalon provide that you can play about with before you start using your own.

If you get stuck, first search on the community before creating a new topic, if you cant find the awnsers create a topic and im sure someone will come along and help you out. :slight_smile:

Ps - in docs search up API testing if that is what you are primarly looking to do.