Is there a way to do a Replace All with Katalon Recorder?

I have a number of Test Suites in Katalon Recorder where a button on the webpage I’m testing just got a new name. Is there a way to just do a Find and Replace All to make this name change in all of the Cases within each suite? Like you might do in Microsoft Word? I have about 8 tests with about 100 Cases each, most of which utilize this button.

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@eric.oswald currently there isn’t a Find and Replace All functionality based on the Katalon Recorder documentation. You can turn this product forum into a feature request and suggest this feature for future release.

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Hi @eric.oswald,

I’ve spited your topic into a new one under Feedback & Reviews > Feature Request for better visibility as per @chen.lee 's suggestion.

As the Feature Request subcategory does allow for topic voting, please make sure to vote, and get other members to do so, so that our Recorder team will take your feature request into consideration. :+1:

And happy Cakeday by the way! :partying_face:

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I’d love this feature to happen.