Find & Replace All functionality in Katalon Recorder

I have a number of Test Suites in Katalon Recorder where a button on the webpage I’m testing just got a new name. Is there a way to just do a Find and Replace All to make this name change in all of the Cases within each suite? Like you might do in Microsoft Word? I have about 8 tests with about 100 Cases each, most of which utilize this button.

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I would love to see this, it would make script maintenance so much easier at times. @ThanhTo :slight_smile:

(e.g. a selector you use multiple times needs updating, or improving, search and replace, job done in moments!)


Hi Eric and Guy,

Thanks for sharing this with us. As @ThanhTo has mentioned earlier, we’re re-directing our efforts into platform initiatives, so right now we temporarily are holding off on Katalon Recorder (you may notice from the slow release cadence after 5.9.0 - we tried to make the UX pleasant before holding off - if there’s any feedback for it’d be greatly appreciated).

Thank you for your patience and we will share with you about the new platform updates soon.

@vu.tran I’m aware of both the standstill on KAR releases, plus what @ThanhTo had previously communicated around this shift in focus for now. Do you have any estimated timelines around when progress may resume on KAR again?