Is learning a testing career easy?

In our community forum, there are many students and Tester at entry level or someone switching their career. A common question for those is whether pursuing a career as a software tester is considered relatively straightforward?


:interrobang: are there certain complexities and requirements that individuals should be aware of when embarking on this path?

Leave your quick idea here:

  • Easy and Straightforward
  • Easy but needing some investigating time
  • So-so
  • Difficult but fun
  • Very difficult and taking much learning time

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To start a testing career is relatively easy, provided the person has some basic skills like pay attention to details, have imagination to break stuff and some curiosity to understand how thing works.
To advance in the carrer it only depends on self motivation.
I know people with more than 10 years experience in testing still at manual testing level because AQA is not at their taste.

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