Is it possible to verify element text which contains html tag?

I’m trying to match two values using command verifyElementText

Original html looks like this:


The problem is i’m trying to match one string to two strings, cause when you run the test, the actual text looks like this:


           second part.'  

and expected value can only be stored in one string

           'firstpart second part.'

Is there any way to solve this situation, and match both parts of a text to expected values?

Did you try using regex? You could parse the whole string using \s+ (one or more whitespace characters) or \b (word boundary).

What do you actually get when you extract the text into a variable and print it?

Sorry, i dont understand what you mean.

Firstly, I need to see what’s printed when you print the text to the log viewer. So get the text using[WebUI]+Get+Text

Then do


regex is short for “Regular Expression”. It’s highly likely you can retrieve the text and verify it using a regex.

Here is the text from the log viewer:

[INFO]   - В ближайшее время мы свяжемся с Вамидля уточнения деталей заказа.

If you copy/paste it, you will notice that there is end of line in the middle. The problem was solved by using string concatenation:

'В ближайшее время мы свяжемся с Вами' +
'\n' + 'для уточнения деталей заказа.'

Thanks for help.

Kudos. Glad you got it working.