Is it possible to turn off self-healing for an individual statement?

I don’t want to turn self-healing off completely, but I’d like to turn it off for certain statements, for example when I am checking whether an element is present and don’t want to get false positives, or when I need to check if an element is present in order to choose the next step. Is this possible?

Self-healing tests in Katalon Studio / Exclude objects used with keywords seems to be your friend.

I don’t use Self-healing, so I know nothing about it.

Thanks. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, since I wanted to turn self-healing off for a particular statement, not every instance of a keyword, but it’s probably worth it to get rid of the warnings/fake errors. I did have to edit the settings file outside Katalon as for some reason it didn’t let me enter ‘findWebElements’ in the self-healing settings UI.