Can we disable Self Healing for good?

I want to disable self-healing for good as I don’t use it and have a thing about “automation that fixes itself wehen it works” because it has a good potential to mask actual errors I’m trying to catch.

So, every time I bring up Katalon or re-open the project, the dang thing is checked by default… is that how it was made ? I hope not…

Or… which one of those project/Settings/internal files is is defined that it should be “on” ? I would change it and check it in GIT and save aggravation to the team.


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What version? It’s working for me in 7.9.0 and 8.0.1.

But I feel your pain, I’m forever detaching/closing the tab/panel – I never use it.

Can we disable Self Healing

Yes, see

In a Katalon Studio project, you can find a screen in project settings dedicated to Self-healing. You can change the default settings to make the utility better suit your need.

  • Go to Project/Settings/Self-Healing/Web UI ; or
  • From the toolbar of Katalon Studio, click on the Self-Healing icon and select Open Self-Healing Settings .

Thanks but not quite what I expected… I wanted it “FOR GOOD” meaning, forever, no matter which project I open, keep it disabled (as in user’s choice)…
oh well…

I will repeat.


  • Go to Project/Settings/Self-Healing/Web UI ; or

I checked and found the default setting of Project>Settings/Self-Healing/Web UI “Enable Self-Healing execution” option in a newly created project is off in ver8.1.0.