Is it possible to install Eclipse plugins in Katalon Studio?

If you are using Eclipse as your development environment, it is awkward to have to have two copies of Eclipse running, one for Studio and one for everything else.

If we can’t add Studio to Eclipse (as some people have asked), is it possible to add the Eclipse plugins we need to Studio?


It’s not possible with current versions. What are Eclipse plugins you want to use?

Thanks for responding Devalex!

This was just a general question that came out a conversation we internally about evaluating test tools and how well they would integrate into existing development evironment. It isn’t a request - at least not yet :slight_smile:

As I mentioned intially, in our developement environment some projects use Eclipse, we also use MS TFS, which is based on Visual Studio, and potentially Katalon/Eclipse in the future. (I know there is a TFS plugin for both Eclipse and Katalon Studio). An over abundance of Integrated Design Environments.

I had read other requests about pluging Studio into Eclipse and it just got me wondering if the opposite were possible.


Hi. We have reviewed the suggestion. Unfortunately, the plugin (Team Explorer Everywhere Plug-in for Eclipse) was no longer maintained by Microsoft. As we are upgrading to Eclipse platform version 4.11, this plugin won’t be compatible, therefore it will not be bundled with Katalon Studio.

Thanks for updating this thread!

I just read that yesterday as well, and I had hoped it meant the old TFS and that they were coming out with something new for “Azure Devops’ Test Plans”. According to some to the comments in GitHub it is possible to make it work for now - but it will be a problem for us if it doesn’t in the long term.

We have not actually got to integrating the two yet, so there may be other ways to resolve this from the Azure Devops side. We shall see.

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