Is it possible to identify targets of Test Objects? (was Katalon Improvement)

I could not able to find whether an object in object repository is actually an textbox or radio button or checkbox or other.

It would be better if I have a method which finds whether the object is a textbox or checkbox or other…?

TestObjects identify an element or elements in a web page document. What that element is depends on …

  1. the structure of the HTML page document

  2. The selector (method) chosen (CSS, XPath, Attributes).

Sometimes it is “obvious” what that element is intended to be just by reading the selector. Rarely it might be the case that the selector chooses different elements based on alterations to #1 above.

That said, and referring now to your last question…

the best way to do that is to run a small test incorporating the TestObject in question.

(I’ve changed the title of your topic to aid others when searching the forum.)