Check type of object and automatically fill it


There is something that im planning on doing it, using Katalon. Dont know if is possible or if there is a solution somewhere on the forum (if it is, please point on the direction since i’ve search for it and couldnt find it), but i would appreciate any help i could get with my project…

We have a web page, where we have several type of objects: input text / input numeric / dropmenus & Checkboxes…Lets say to insert a new client on our database…

What we want, is to create a function, where Katalon check if exists any of the above type objects, if exists write something like “TEST” on the input text, on the numeric input put something like “100”, if there is a dropmenu, choose lets say the index “2” and tick randomly 2 or 3 checkboxes…

is this even possible?
Thanks in advanced.

Do you name your elements to a standard? Like, input elements start with “input_” and select elements start with “select_”? If you did, then this would probably be useful.

But, were you thinking that you would not have to pick up all the elements of your web page and that KS would do it? I’m just trying to see where this would save you anything.

H grylion54i! Thanks for your reply…

I can give you an example of what we are planning to do…

We have a database with clients and suppliers…Depending on the type of client and supplier, we will have several types of inputs, dropmenus and checkboxes for some options…created by our developers.
I know that we have to create a script for each panel…but the idea was to create a general function, where instead of while creating the script, we had to create the function to each object, but just to “pick” the function saved previously and just implement it on the script. This would save an huge amount of time.

Is this understandable?

Regarding your first question, yes, we tried something like //input[@type = ‘number’] & //input[@type = ‘text’].

I dont have any code yet, we are just trying to figure it out if is possible and what the best way to create this.

Thank you