Is it possible to get element value using jQuery?

Is it possible to get element value using jQuery? I have a web page and I need to get inner text of a div.

You can use ‘Execute Javascript’ keyword to achieve this as long as jQuery is just a kind of Javascript execution.

Thanks. However, I still have problems. The following code returns ‘0’, even though it should return other values, depending on the targeted element. Note that $(“xyz”)[0].textContent selector returns correct values when used in chrome dev tools console.

variableName = WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘return $(“xyz”)[0].textContent’, [])

Any ideas?

I also tried the following:

Integer variableName = WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘return $(“xyz”)[0].nodeValue’, []) //returns null

Integer variableName = WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘return $(“xyz”)[0].textContent’, []) //returns 48

According to the current state, the correct value returned should be 1.

$(“xyz”)[0].textContent returned values in ASCII code. I used
int variableName = Integer.parseInt(WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘return $(“xyz”)[0].textContent’, [])) to get the correct value.