Retrieving values from Custom HTML Elements

Hi @Russ_Thomas is it possible to used this method on my cases below?

I try to get the tooltips value 13,162 and 13,980

Below are how the inspect element looks like:

Can you give example on how can I write the javascript on my case above?

Yes, I believe so.

Based on what you’ve presented, you will need to access the inner <span> element(s) which are descendants of the <df-bar-chart> element.

Note: if there are other <df-bar-chart> elements present NOT shown in your HTML snippet, then the following code will need to be adjusted.

Note 2: The span elements containing the tooltips also contain significant (but unwanted) whitespace and other characters which will need to be either trimmed off or taken as part of the resultant value.

Based on what you shared above, this selector seems like a good starting point:

df-bar-chart > div span > span

Try it in the console first.