Is it possible to change device capabilities after mobile driver has been started?


Katalon doesn’t appear to be able to see some of the native iOS alerts so I set the device capability.

capabilities.setCapability("autoDismissAlerts", true);

This will dismiss all native alerts which is great except one thing. When I go to logout of the app the alert is dismissed when I want to click the ‘YES’ button to logout and the test fails when the ‘YES’ button is not found.

Is it possible to change the autoDismissAlerts capability at this point to false just so the ‘YES’ button will be clickable instead of being dismissed?

Thank you!

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Hi @JTConstellation ,

Can you please share the error log about this? I guess you should not use autoDismissAlerts then try to crack it in specific cases (i.e. YES buttom) later in the test.