Is it possible to call the public void function method from Custom Keyword from another custom Keyword?

CustomKeyword One

Class Today
public void CheckSoccerOBT1x2OverHome()

CustomKeyword Two

Class Early

Is it possible to call the …


But I feel it is difficult to explain it to you. You haven’t presented how much you are knowledgable about programming, so that I am at a loss which topic I should explain to you.

Your “Example” is not enough. I believe, you haven’t tried to run it. You should do more before asking others for advise.

Please try writing code for yourself as you think right, and run it.

Probably you will get errors. That’s fine. We can start a study from there.

Please show the code you wrote, please tell in which folder you located the code, please show the erros by screenshot etc. You should provide enough information so that others can reproduce your experiment on their side.

Then others will be able to advise you how to fix that error.

@kazurayam this is the screenshot.

hi @kazurayam I think it’s working after adding extension in classname like this:

public class PlacebetEarly extends PlacebetToday

Do you mean you wrote:

class PlacebetEarly extends PlacebetToday {

Is it what you did?

Should a PlacebetEarly be a child of PlacebetToday?

If conceptually a PlacebetEarly class should NOT be a child of PlacebetToday class, then writing extends is a wrong way.

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As simple as this:

class PlacebetEarly {
    def CheckTwoFTHandicapHome() {
        new PlaycebetToday().ViewSoccor1x2OverHomeOBTOdds()
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ohhh! :slight_smile: thanks for the info. no need extension for that. @kazurayam