Is 7.x considered 'End of Life'?

As per the title. I see @Russ_Thomas posted a similar question around 6.x launch. As I’m not too familiar with Katalon’s support and upgrade schedule I figured I’d post a quick q since y’all have a wealth of knowledge.


Good question. I guess it amounts to the answer of this related question: @vu.tran is the 7.x branch still officially supported? Or do you advise customers move to 8.x?


Hi @joel.scott and @Russ_Thomas, thank you for your question. We’re currently checking with our internal teams regarding your question and will get back to you soon :+1:

Hi @joel.scott and @Russ_Thomas,

Thank you for bring this to our attention. We are actively developing our products with new versions and different releases in our roadmap. With that said, we recommend users to use our most current version as we resolved bugs, added new features and improved users experience throughout our product development. Also, our product and customer support teams are constantly trained to update new product knowledge to help and reproduce solutions for users’ issues. In this case, we have the confirmation that 7.x branch is being supported until further notice. However, please upgrade our newest version here Katalon Studio Free Download | Katalon to earn the most updated experience. Feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.