Invalid Credentials on Analytics, but can still login on Katalon website

Suddenly I can’t seem to log in on Analytics. I could log in before. Trying to log in on web ( gives me the error:

Invalid credentials.

Katalon Studio gives the error ‘Cannot request a token from a Katalon Analystics server’.

I can log in with the same credentials at

When going to ‘Forgot Password’ at and I enter the same email, I get the error ‘This email has not been registered’.

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Hello @Joost_van_den_Akker,

Thank you for reporting the issue to us. Are you able to login to Katalon Analytics now? We were performing some minor server maintenance tasks.

Sorry for any inconviniences,

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@Liam_B, I have the same issue. I can’t log in to katalon and get error message :
Invalid credentials

however I am able to connect to my account for Katalon.
Please help me solve this iisue guys.

Same here … login directly to works fine but the same credentials do not work through Katalon

Hi, I’m experiencing the same error while I’m accessing from Katalon to Katalon Analytics, is this a common issue

This happened to me too. I was credentials with special chars like “%$@#@%+=”. Once I generated a password using only [a-zA-z0-9]{20} I was able to log in to Katalon Analytics as well as the regular Katalon site.

Hi Liam_B
I am facing the same issue.While activating i am getting error to enter valid credential but i am able to login in katalon website

What KS version are you using?

Hi Devalex88
I am using 7.0.4 ver

Even I am facing the same issue. I am using 7.0.9 which is the latest

Hey @Liam_B, I’m getting an Invalid credential error when running a collection on a docker but when running the same collection in my desktop katalon studio app is able to run my 2 parallel suites contained in my collection, do you have any idea?

Apart from this error, one of the two suites also fails as soon as the execution begins