Internet explorer error - incorrect JSON status mapping for 'no such window'

Hi All,

I tried to execute login script in Internet explorer and after navigating to the url, it throws HTTP Status: 400 error - incorrect JSON status mapping for ‘no such window’ (404 expected)
Please can somebody help!
(this script runs fine in chrome)

We’re going to need to see your test steps (from Script View) and the full error message.

Read this and follow the advice:

As a wild guess…

Versions of IE can be overly pedantic about JSON syntax. Watch out especially for trailing commas:

  "thing": "value",
  "other-thing": "other value",

That last comma is unnecessary but legal - older IEs may not allow it.

Hello Thomas,

Now after executing again, I get error as ‘Unable to click on object’. Here first I am trying to click on a login button, where it will redirect to the login page. So while clicking on the login button, I get this exception.
PFA log and screenshot for same.

Console_Error.txt (13.3 KB)
IEDriverServer_Log.txt (80.5 KB)

Hi @akshada.shetty

Taking a look at the log and did some googling, I found this:

And this

Both of which refer to a Required Configuration for IE:

May I advise you to check it out and set up the configuration to see if it helps.

Cheers !

Hello @ThanhTo @Russ_Thomas, I checked all the configurations as given above, but still face the same error ‘Unable to click the object’.Please help.

thanks! :slight_smile: