ChatGPT can't be trusted to write production ready code

As a software developer and a test developer, I posit that ChatGPT can’t be trusted to write production ready code.

Yes, it may give you code that works, but you should refactor it right away after understanding it, to conform to your project’s design decisions and good programming practices…

What say you on this?


I use Github Copilot recently, here are some of my thought:

  • AI will definitely boost developers and testers performance with pre-defined comments and sample of our code to train them.
  • AI cannot replace us for now because all of recommended code are just suggestion like Github message:

Spend less time creating boilerplate and repetitive code patterns, and more time on what matters: building great software. Write a comment describing the logic you want and GitHub Copilot will immediately suggest code to implement the solution.

AI need many materials to learn and provide precise suggestions. With a very specific business logic, we definitely needs human to modify and update their generated code.


I never used such tools, and I am not sure I will use them soon.
Anyway, it should be treated as a simplified Stackoverflow at yout finger tips.
It may quicly provide some boilerplate code but most of the time will not be usable as it is, so human review is a must.
And usually may not provide the optimum solution for your use case, but just generic, so code cleanup / optimization is at the coder responsability.


All of the above. Obviously. So obvious, this is almost a non-topic that doesn’t warrant much debate.

I’m with @Coty: until I can preload it with a mountain of local context, it’s not ready to stand beside me in the trenches.


Aside of that, Stackoverflow will provide to you, most of the time, not a single solution.
But plenty variants
Some of them better, some of them worse.
But with explanations.
Because more minds, more options.

Beat that, AI :stuck_out_tongue:
Brainstorming moved our civilization forward, from the begining of humanity, now you just index ourselves?
No thx!

Cannot refrain from posting this :smile:


everyone becomes an expert :))) never old

You make a valid point, especially from a developer’s perspective. ChatGPT is a fantastic tool, but when it comes to production-ready code, a bit of manual fine-tuning and alignment with your project’s design decisions is usually necessary. It’s like getting a rough draft that needs some editing to shine.

never trust your coffee maker if you really wanna drink real coffee.
just saying…

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Its great if katalon can integrate chatgpt. More faster work can be done

It already does, and trust me: you don’t want that.

This platform has already failed at low-code test case generation (it’s future tech), and the ChatGPT integration is also for the low-code stuff in Katalon Studio

When it comes to writing full-on code (e.g. models, builders, …) I’ll sometimes open the project up in VSCode, and let TabNine AI assist with writing the code

If it’s a task like, for example, sending an email or creating a .ICS file, I’ll ask Phind AI to help with that.

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