Integration with Testlink

Hi @kechrimparis
I am trying to integrate katalon studio with Testlink. I got Event listener code from git GitHub - skechav/katalon-testlink-event-listener: This is an example event listener for Katalon Studio to update testcases results in Testlink. Katalon Studio is a cross-platform framework which simplifies API, web and mobile automation tests. TestLink is a free, open source software test managment tool. I have the .groovy file generated for my test case but I don’t know to integrate the Groovy script and the Event listener code.
Please help solve this issue

You should put the groovy file to the Listeners folder as a Test Listener:

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@duyluong Thanks for the reply,
I modified as you suggested but I am getting the error below error (Please refer the image)
Please let me know, did I miss anything in the code?

=============== ROOT CAUSE =====================
Caused by: The call to the xml-rpc client failed.

For trouble shooting, please visit:

10-01-2020 12:45:09 PM api.reportTestCaseResult(TestProject, TestPlan, Testcase, Build, Notes, Result)

Elapsed time: 0.211s

org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: The call to the xml-rpc client failed.

I have solved the issue, Now it is working for me.
Thanks for the help.