Integration with jira

Dear team,

I’m now working with katalon and trying to integrate it with jira by follow this link:

In tutorial, after running test cases, we still need do some manual steps with report to submit issues to jira. So, my question is: are there anyway to help us submit failed cases to jira automatically without those manual steps?


Hi Tu,

Can I ask why do you need to do this? Normally you need to manually which failed on to upload it as a ticket to JIRA because there are likely some failed tests you don’t want them to be automatically uploaded because it will create many tickets at the same time.

And also, JIRA system is very different from team to team, so you also need to adjust submitted tickets a little bit if submitted data doesn’t match with your current JIRA project.

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Sorry for late response,

I need to do this because we have a stable script for automation test. So, whenever an error is found during the test, we mark it as a bug and want submit issue to jira.

Could you please suggest any idea to do this?

I would agree with Vinh, don’t automatically create JIRA tickets… this would be a nightmare.
A test engineer should be the one deciding if a failed test is due to a bug and then submit it to JIRA. A failed test could also be caused by misconfiguration of the test or while debugging tests while they are being created. It would create a lot of garbage in JIRA.
It would be much better to create items in JIRA, import them into Katalon and then using the Katalon JIRA plugin it can automatically update all those items to passed or failed after a test was run.

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Just in case you really need to do that, it is possible to use Jira api at script mode. Then attach the script into listener to decide where the test go wrong to create Jira tickets.

I am trying to integrate with Jira and it says in the document to 1. Prepare [Jira JQL Script].

Can some one help me how to prepare the script as I am not technical savy.