Integration between different applications in one test case

If i have multiple applications such as desktop, mobile and web, and i have a test scenario where i will enter some data in mobile application and then open desktop application and verify it over there and then move to web app for any further action. Can this be done? Is it possible in katalon studio?

If yes the n how? please share some insights and documentations.


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I have ever written a test case that deals with WebUI and WS together

I have no experience of mixing Mobile and Windows.

But I believe it is possible as far as you write your test case scripts manually in the Script mode (text editor).

Katalon Studio’s GUI is designed for individual types of Application Under Test: WebUI, WS, Mobile, Windows for each. I mean, the tool bars are dedicated for a single individual type. There isn’t any mixture of tool bars. So, you should not expect much help by GUI.

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