Integrating Katalium Server Grid with Katalon Analytics

Hello there!

Being a relatively new user of Katalon studio, I have some questions about the integrations between the different Katalon/Katalium products/services and what they allow me to do.

I am looking to set up a range of automated tests for several different websites using Studio, Katalium Server, and analytics. The ideal way it would work is using Studio to develop the tests, which can then be scheduled to run every day in parallel on different browsers/platforms via the Grid/Node server system, whilst providing reports on the results of those tests. I’ve been experimenting with everything and combing the documentation and forums for help on what I’m looking to do, but I’m not finding what I’m looking for.

The “Grid” feature of Katalon Analytics seems to be the closest to what I am looking for, but I’m not 100% sure. I know how to set up a Local Agent to run tests, and I know how to have Katalon studio run tests remotely on a Katalium server, but this page doesn’t make it clear how to hook up the Grid function to a Katalium Server Grid (A system of a hub and some nodes), or even how to get a cloud system to work. Are the “local agents” part of a grid deployment? How can I schedule multiple tests (for multiple different projects) to run in parallel? I don’t know if this requires using another third party tool, or if I should try to find another set of tools to achieve my goal.

Any insight, recommendations, or advice is welcome.

Bump- any help???