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Is it public cloud or private cloud for our project? What is the capacity?

Is it possible to integrate the Katalium Server Grid with Katalon Analytics? The documentation is severely lacking on this step.

Following the steps listed in the documentation I see under step 3 to select the Environment. I do not have that option available to me.

. Has this changed and the documentation is just out of date?

To execute your test projects on TestOps Cloud

1. Select  **Grid**
2. Select the  **Create Plan**  button
3. In the  **Configure a Plan**  screen, define your test execution plan
  * **Plan Name** : Provide a friendly plan name
  * **Test Project** : Select the test project you’ve uploaded earlier
  * **Command** : Provide command arguments to run your Katalon Studio tests. This can be retrieved from [Katalon Studio command line builder](
  **_*** **Execution Environment** : Select TestOps Cloud**_**
  * **Schedule** : Define a schedule for job execution
4. Select  **Create**  to create your plan.
5. In the  **Grid**  screen, go to the  **Plans**  list. Choose the plan you want to execute and select  **Execute Plan**  icon.

After that, a new job is initiated and queued on the Jobs list right on top of the screen. If it is built successfully, you will see an execution link that leads you to the execution result screen.