Increasing Console Log


I am running some tests that are rather involved and require multiple permutations. All in all, there are over 200 steps in each of these tests. As part of the test, I need to get certain data from the test pages which I am getting using the getText keyword and which is, therefore, displayed in the console log. When my tests were shorter, this worked fine, but now that some of the tests are getting much longer, I found that the console log only keeps a certain number of log entries, displaying just the most recent ones. On my last test, 819 log entries were kept, but that accounts for only about half the test (each step creates multiple log entries). So, Iā€™m missing about half the data I need to review.

Is there a way to make it so the console log keeps more log entries (at least 2000) or maybe even as many as the test requires with no limit?



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I would assume you can change the console behavior under the Menu Windows / Katalon Studio Preferences / Run/Debug / Console settings:
You have the options:
Limit console output and
Console buffer size.


Awesome! That was it. Thanks!