Inconsistency between Katalon studio and Katalon in jenkins

After some days trying to understand why I wasn’t able to execute the same test suite in jenkins (KRE) only with this error: “Unable to execute test suite XXXXX”, I finally verify that Katalon studio isn’t case sensitive but Katalon in jenkins is case sensitive.
So my problem was that somewhere in the past after renaming folders, example: Authentication to authentication, the respective folder in Test Case folder remains as “Authentication”. In Katalon Studio that wasn’t a problem and the test suite runs successfully. But with jenkins i was always getting this error.

This is not a katalon version problem because i already tested with the last stable version (8.1.0). This is something that it’s necessary to fix quickly to avoid wasted time with unnecessary problems.

Anyone else with the same problem?

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve seen this happen between KS and the KRE. KS behaves like a Windows application. KRE like a Java app running on *nix.

Hi @eduardo.borrego,

Thank you for your attention.
We tried to reproduce the issue by renaming the folders on Katalon Studio 8.1.0 but it works fine.
May I ask do you use Katalon Studio for renaming or the renaming feature on your OS?
By the way, which OS are you using now?

Best regards,
Nam Nguyen.