In the Log Viewer a if then else choice shows too much indented

In the Log Viewer a if then else choice shows too much indented:

We use ‘Call Test Case’ a lot.

in that Called Test Case is an if then else…

only when I open all the indents I can see which flow it went to.
please make it visible in the first indent.

(so instead of the green round with the checkmark in the last spot, last indent, it already shows in the first one)
(I would do it with a green highlited text of that text row) “it went further in there”)
or a green arrow like so →

if 1
→ 5

or even better:
if x1
else if x2

else if → 5

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Screenshots would help people understand what you’re talking about.

Read this:

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Even better: use guard clause technique

the following aspect:

it shows far to the right.

it should show…
as early as possible, like so:
(to the left)

You are of course welcome to send in feature requests. But seriously, I don’t expect the dev team to spend any time on the tree output.

I never use it. I much prefer the straight log.

I understand mate, but what if all the customers use it all the time?

Log Viewer has 2 formats. Namely, “Log view” and “Tree view”.

Log view

log view

Tree view

tree view

Katalon Studio GUI takes the Tree View as the default. But you can choose by toggling the button.

view type toggle

The Log View allows you to select the type of message to show. Katalon Studio sets the “All” button ON as default. The"All" makes the Log view verbose, like this.

However you can manually change the setting which types of message to show. I would recommend to set the “All” to be OFF, like this

log type options

If you toggle OFF the “All” button, then the view gets concise.

I agree with @Russ_Thomas. Why? — I would tell you my reason. Two years ago, I made the following post:

where I pointed out that the Log Viewer has a lot of room for improvement. @vu.tran wrote that the post was well-received by the dev team, but they have done nothing. They seem to be busy in developing something new.

I suppose, they would just leave the Katalon Studio GUI as is.

I certainly don’t hope so.

What I have learned in 19 years of testing is:
sometimes the most difficult bugs have the most easiest solutions.

I’m sure if 1 of the developers understands the wish than the fix can be as simple as can be.
all people watching the log viewer all the time, completely satisfied. yeay. no need to leave the Studio.

anyway, Elvis has left the building. over and out.

Six years ago…