In the future, our AI clones will join Google Meet meetings on our behalf 🫥

I would like to imagine a future where we can just opt out of meetings and calls and just let out AI clones handle them for us :nerd_face:

Let me know what would you do if supposedly you have an AI clone of yourself? :point_down:

it depends.
i create such clone? in this case, soon or later i will be fired and sued for not performing my contracts. and impersonating, as a minimum

somebody else make it? it will be sued for impersonating, data and identity theft and so on

yes, i think for now big companies and enterprises, even education institutions will be the sole customers for these new technologies, for example, making instructional videos, tutorials, etc.

Though maybe over time the tech will become more accessible to anyone with just a phone to pull it off? If I remember correctly, Unreal Engine recently announced a new feature for their MetaHuman app that would let game developers create & animate realistic human avatars in just minutes, and with only a phone to boot :exploding_head:

Imagine the possibilities it is hooked to Synthesia’s system :thinking:

but yes as you said, falling into the wrong hands, it could really cause chaos. It is interesting to see how things will unfold nevertheless

Some time ago I read about a storry about an engineer scripting his job.
The summary of it may be here:

I have no idea if is based on true facts or not, but it still funny.
With current technologies at hand, this became more plausible.

The remaining debates are just about morality and legality

At the point where AI can successfully replace you in meetings I’d wonder:
a) why have a meeting in the first place?
b) this job looks ripe for automation
Be careful what you wish for :wink:

Somehow I imagine things will be like in the Wall-E movie where the robots or AI will take care of everything for us, and we will be just lounging all day :woozy_face: