In a post in this forum, a sequence of characters "=" and "/" is replaced to "=/"

I wrote a post at Error: Cannot Find Element After Several Sucessfull Loops - #6 by kazurayam

  • I typed a “=” character followed by “/” in a body part of a post
  • these 2 characters sequence were replaced to a single character “=/”.

It seemed that Discourse (the engine software of this web site) forced this conversion.

I tried the same using Text , which is built-in Mac OS. I didn’t see =/ there.
In VSCode, not.
I also tried typing a sequence of = / in other web site using the same browser. I didn’t see =/ there.
I see =/ only here.

I don’t want =/ at all. =/ annoys me.

I use macOS Monterey ver12.6, Google Chrome 105.0.5195.125(Official Build) (x86_64).