Imported manual test case from qTest contains all info in "Input" column. Can it be done diffently?

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I imported my manual test cases from qTest into Katalon. But both part of test steps (Step Description, Expected result) are imported into “Input” column of Katalon test case. How can i imported it in the way that “Step Description” from qTest test step will be “Input” of katalon test step? And “Expected Results” from qTest will be “Output” of katalon test step?

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Katalon test case screenshot.jpg

qtest test case.jpg

Hi there, any update on this ticket? thanks

Hi Róbert Morovský,

Thanks for choosing Katalon. Unfortunately, it is not supported yet by Katalon Studio. I will share this with the team for consideration.

Feel free to post any questions or feedback to make Katalon Studio better.


Hi Alice, did you discuss this item with your team? What is output of it? Thanks, Robert