Iframe not identifiable

Hi everyone,
I have the problem, that I want to capture an iframe and then capture the elements inside it to. However I can not capture the Iframe with the object Spy. I am also not able to create an iframe in the Object spy (with the “New Frame” Button).
In the image there is the pop-up which text-field is an iframe.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help

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Can you please show me a code snippet of your problem, because I can also help you without the object spy to use the element in your iframe if that is not working properly

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Right click on the object and select “Inspect” (do this twice) or hit the F12 key and choose, “Open DevTools”. Now you see the HTML and can give us more information about where the <iframe> is.

Hi @l.nasch , You might find this link helpful: How to use 'Chrome DevTools' to find iframe locator(s):