Icons in toolbar

I user Katalon Studio version 6.1.0 on Windows 10. I’m missing these icons in my toolbar: Spy Web + Mobile and Record Web + Mobile. Is there a way to customize the toolbar?

Have you create/open a project yet? It works fine in my side. Please send screenshot if you still having the issue.

The 4 green icons at the top are where the icons should be, if you click on them does anything happen? It looks to me there is a little + sign on them

I agree the icons SHOULD be where you indicated but as you can notice yourself they are not there… The icons I have instead are for this: from the most left to the most right:

  • New draft REST request
  • Import Swagger
  • New draft SOAP request
  • Import WSDL

Hi all,
The latest versions had been changed New Project pop-up, using API/Web Service was default project type so the button Spy/Record cannot show on UI. These action can find at “Action -> Spy/Record” . Please create a new project with Web type to see Spy/Record Web + Mobile on the UI


That’s a poor choice, unless you can tell me you have collected statistics that prove otherwise.

Going by @Nadine_Van_Eeckhoudt’s screen shot, she is using a web project yet the buttons are not displaying.

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It is true i didn’t notice the change towards default project = API/Web Service.
With former change, this documentation became misleading: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/toolbars-and-views.html
While this link is more conform the new situation:

  1. open the prj file with notepad++
  2. change WEBSERVICE to WEBUI