I cant tap for this <li> element in Angular Web

Does anyone have the solution for this kinda situation i’m trying to do automation test on angularJS website, this was very tricky situation below i attach the documentation :

:no_entry_sign:Actual Result

:white_check_mark:Expected Result

this is the HTML :

and this the xpath for the object i want to click :

does anyone have facing this kind problem??

Can anyone please help with this HTML code?

What is “this kind problem”? Please state your questions literally in English so that anybody can read and understand. What did you expect to see and what did you actually see?

If you want any answer, you should provide enough information so that others can reproduce your problem on their side.

You posted some screenshots. In there I could find the URL of your Application Under Test

The URL is a public one. I could open it on my browser. That’s good.

Then, please tell us the exact steps how to reproduce “this kind problem”. For example,

  1. open https://motif-test.fifgroup.co.id
  2. you will be transfered to a login page https://motif-test.fifgroup.co.id/#/
  3. type “xxxxxxx” as username
  4. type “yyyyyyy” as password
  5. click “Masuk” button
  6. then you will se … so you want to zzzzzzzz …

Error trace, html, url would be needed to help out