I cant log in to my katalon account - "Mixing paid products and free Studio" error

I have been using the katalon quite some time and today i couldnt login.
This was the error >> " Mixing paid products and free Studio within anaccount is not permitted in our Terms of Use.Contact your Katalon Admin/Account Owner if youneed to purchase a license."

Not sure whats the issue,my team members could use their own account to login but im not able.

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Hi @lashweenraj.ravinthi,

It appears that you are one of our paid users; hence, we will be looping in our Product Support team here who will be able to assist you (@product-support).

Alternatively, you could also contact our Product Support team - and receive faster responses - via:

  • [For our paid users] Creating a support ticket here, or
  • [For both our paid & free users] Send an email to: support@katalon.com

We hope this helps, :+1:
Albert from Katalon Community team

Hello, I have the same problem, starting with today. Should I open a separate ticket ?

Yes, I’m getting the same problem today and it never happened before. It is now blocking my work.

Hi there @denissa.dinicescu and @zheng.li2,

We are sorry to hear that you are also experiencing the same issue as Lashweenraj.

As mentioned in my previous comment, please feel free to submit a support ticket to our Product Support team and they will be able to assist you shortly.


I am also facing the same issue. can some one from support team help to rectify the issue.

Also need to know whether KS become complete paid or still free version available.

Why is Katalon test case execution slower now than before? Has anyone experienced the same thing?

I tried executing the same testcase but now it is very slow compared to the last 2 weeks.

Hi ,

Me too facing the same issue, can any one from support team help us to resolve this issue.

Is basic katalon Studio become paid?

Hi @ikhsan.mulya,

We are sorry to hear that you are having performance issue with Katalon.

Can you let us know which version of Katalon Studio you are using so that we can support you better?


Hi Albert,
Thanks for the reply. I’m currently using 2 versions of Katalon with different devices.
One uses version 8.6.8 and the other uses the latest version. However, the time required for one test case is much slower than before.
Looking forward to the solution. Thank You

I also have some observation which I posted here

Thank you @ikhsan.mulya and @zahid.asim for raising your concern.

A member of our Product team will take a look at your topics and get back to you soon. Should you have any more concern or observations, please post in your respective threads to keep this one “on-topic”.


I have the same problem. I use a 8.6 version.

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your patience. I have reached out to our Product team and received an update that this is a POLICY of using KS:

We have announced to the owner and admin of the Organization about this Policy like the following:

Moreover, whenever KS starts blocking users, KS always announces notification to users in advance following the Terms of use.

To access KS, you need to contact the admin or owner to assign a KSE license for you or remove you from the Organization so that you can use free KS.

Hope this answer can help you guys understand this situation. Thank you!

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Hi,so whats the solution for this since my other team members are also facing this issue now…

Hi there @lashweenraj.ravinthi,

I have been informed that a member of our Product Support team has reached out to you regarding your team’s case. Please continue to stay in touch with them for further support.

For other members, please refer to @Elly_Tran’s comment for more information.

If you do need to reach out to our Product Support team, I have also left two ways of contacting them in one of my earlier comments…

This topic will be closed shortly.


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