How to add a delay or wait for an element

My test doesn’t work at full speed as an element doesn’t load fast enough - what is the best way to make the Recorder wait for the element?

click | xpath=(//a[contains(text(),'Add')])[3]

I either need the recorder to wait for 2-3 seconds before executing the step or wait for the element with this text to load.

Does the Browser Extension have the method, waitForElementClickable()? If it does, put his ahead of your click event that you have listed.

Thank you, let me try - what will it look like?

click.waitForElementClickable() | xpath=(//a[contains(text(),'Add')])[3]

Like this?


Please try using delay command for 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds):

delay | 2000 | 

Hi @konstantin.korneev:
You could try one of the following:

[WebUI] Wait For Element Visible | Katalon Docs

[Windows] Wait for Element Present | Katalon Docs

[WebUI] Wait For Element Clickable | Katalon Docs

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