How to verify if an element is present in response body

I am trying to send a request and capture the response in a variable like this.

def CreateOrderResponse = WS.sendRequestAndVerify(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/CreateOrders’))

My Response Body is like this

“orderToken”: “b5427cab172146a7bafa3ecae1c5c336545be3eae20e4856838bf8fa492f65eb”,
“created”: “2020-09-04T03:00:39.5019832+10:00”,
“expires”: “2020-09-06T03:00:39.5028261+10:00”,
“paymentProcessingUrl”: “[http://devsrqa:8045/PaymentGateway/ProcessingPage/b5427cab172146a7bafa3ecae1c5c336545be3eae20e4856838bf8fa492f65eb]”

Is there a verification snippet to find if the elements OrderToken, created, expires and payentprocessingURL are present???

Any help is much appreciated

You can verify the entire response as a JSON document using a JSON Schema…