How to verify a json node is present

Is there any custom method which can check if a json node is present?

I have a json like this


“body”: {
“user”: {
“surname”: “Morris”,
“firstName”: “James”,
“dateOfBirth”: “1983-04-19”,
“titleCode”: “Mr”,
“middleName”: “P”,
“genderCode”: “male”


I do see method like

WS.verifyElementPropertyValue(response, 'body.user.firstName', "James")
WS.verifyElementsCount(response, 'body.user', 6)

which are fine. Is there any method to check if a specific node is present using katalon inbuild method, something like

WS.verifyNodePresent(response, 'body.user.firstName', true)  
WS.verifyElementsCount(response, 'body.user.firstName', 1)

i assume response is already an json object in that case:

response.body.user.surname != null

will check if node is there with any value.
for more complex checks use something like

Thank you Andrej

Currently i am using something like that with the assert statement. I hope if Katalon can expose some api’s like i suggested, code will be more consistent. Or else i will end up with some custom methods and some katalon specific methods. The reason for choosing Katalon is the rich set of API’s they provide. I am sure this will be the requirement for most of the teams which verify the json body.

So before using something like

WS.verifyElementPropertyValue(response, 'body.user.firstName', "James")

I will check if the node is present or not.

but response can be anything from pure text to xml/html json … this heavily depends on application.
just in case try to formulate request and put it in to feature request forum.

Sure will do that