How to use and input the data on the 2nd column if the 1st column used as input is selected randomly?


I have here 3 screenshots. So I open the browser, go to the web, then input the work email address (I use username as example on the test data provided) and password.

My code is selecting a random work email address (username on the test data) then I want the value to be inputted on the Password is matching with the random username selected. Is it possible? if Yes, can someone please explain to me please. Thank you so much!

There are some mistakes in your code. It seems you do not know the API signature of the TestData class. You can read the javadoc of TestData class here:

Please check the doc and try to make your code API compliant.

If you are posting next time, please attach the full Log with error messages you got.

And when you post some codes, please enclose them with triple back-ticks for code formatting like:
スクリーンショット 2020-10-30 21.56.26

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I have no idea what are those mistakes and I’m really new to Katalon Studio and in Automation testing. The first 3 lines I have there are just copied and pasted from a source I found here on how to select random data from a Test Data.

I think this is not the way you should ask for help here. Why not you run your code and tell what you actually got?

You may get some error messages in the LogView. Then we would gradly check the log and advise you how to fix the error. Or you may get no error message but unsatisfactory result (e.g, text is not set in the page as you want). In that case, please describe what you wanted to achieve, and what you actually got.

Please run your test case script. and share the log messages in the LogViewer.

hi @kazurayam , sorry for not providing more detailed result and log messages.
I already figured it out how. Thank you so much for your time.