How to use an array in URL

I used this in postman and it is working

But in Katalon is not. And i don’t know why Katalon remove the character " automatically when i save this request. Can someone help me ?

Your problem is the “[” and “]” characters - they are not allowed in that part of a URI.

A host identified by an Internet Protocol literal address, version 6 [RFC3513] or later, is distinguished by enclosing the IP literal within square brackets ("[" and “]”). This is the only place where square bracket characters are allowed in the URI syntax.

If you think that any other system mysteriously allows such illegal characters, it is likely because that system is percent-encoding the URI before transmission.

@ThanhTo @duyluong Can you guys comment further on Katalon’s abilities in this regard?

Separate with commas:



Either way, your method signature needs to be:

@RequestMapping(value = “/GetJson”, method = RequestMethod.GET)
public void getJson(@RequestParam(“name”) String[] ticker, @RequestParam(“startDate”) String startDate, @RequestParam(“endDate”) String endDate) {
//code to get results from db for those params.

I followed as the syntax of Katalon but the same result.