Get Request URI's are returning encoded in latest version of Katalon

In older versions of Katalon the response looks like this. Which is the correct expected response.

This is also returned correctly in PostMan.

However in the latest version of Katalon it is returning this…

See “URL Encoding”

HTML 5 specifies the following transformation for submitting HTML forms with the “get” method to a web server.[1] The following is a brief summary of the algorithm:

  • Characters that cannot be converted to the correct charset are replaced with HTML numeric character references[11]
  • SPACE is encoded as ’ + ’ or ’ %20
  • Letters ( AZ and az ), numbers ( 09 ) and the characters ’ * ‘,’ - ‘,’ . ’ and ’ _ ’ are left as-is
  • + is encoded by %2B
  • All other characters are encoded as %HH hex representation with any non-ASCII characters first encoded as UTF-8 (or other specified encoding)

If we take this description “correct”, both of the URL strings returned by older/latest Katalon look incorrect.

  • the older version; a query string should not contain ‘/’ character unencoded
  • the latest version: a query string should not contain ‘,’ character unencoded

Hi @Chase_Emerick,
Can you share with us which older version?


@huynguyen This also is occurring in the latest version. 7.2.1

Hi @Chase_Emerick,
Sorry for the late response. Starting from version 7.0.6, we have automatically encoded query parameters (both name and value) before sending request, and that is the cause of your issue.
We will consider creating an option for disabling this auto encoding in upcoming releases.


Is there any option of disabling auto encoding in katalon 7.2.6 version??
Please suggest

Could someone please help how to resolve this auto encoding issue in Katalon 7.2.6?

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the problem keeps happening in katalon 7.7.2.
Does not put accents:


in postman it works correctly:

can you help me with this problem?

The original post talked about characters in URI string of HTTP GET requests. On the other hand, @felipe.garcia, you are talking about the characters in the HTTP Response body. These are totally different issue. It is not appropriate for you to say “the problem keeps happening in katalon 7.7.2”

U+00F3 is a valid UNICODE character Latin Small Letter O with Acute. See


You want the Katalon Response Body viewer to show the character as ó rather than \u00f3 in the UNICODE Escape format, don’t you?

Is it possible?

@felipe.garcia does the response look right in ‘raw’ mode?

pretty format of response body viewer it is displayed by a certain eclipse.swt module, which is really old in 7.x. raw mode should display it ‘as it is’

chances are to look better in 8.0 alpha, this version got an eclipse engine update. you can give a try but take note this version is still unpolished

cc @kazurayam

You should create a new topic for your issues. Because the original title “Get Request URI’s …” is not relevant to your case.

Please share the source of your script.

And please describe what you expected to see and what you actually got.

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