How to upload photo files on Katalon

Hello, I’m having difficulty uploading photo files to Katalon. If I use a local folder on my computer with the format D:\photo.png, then I can upload the photo successfully, but I want the photo file to be in my Katalon Studio folder so that anyone can run it. Does anyone know how?

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you can store whatever file types you need under the Include folder in your project (e.g make a directory named resources or photos)
In your code, you will have to use a path relative to your project folder

Welcome to the forum @luthfiaulia920, Read this post: Finding user's "Downloads" folder & Katalon project's "Data Files" folder relative to the project folder - #5 by Dave_Evers

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can you give an example. I have done it but the test case fails, but it works if I use a local path like D:\secondhand\profile.png

where should I put the code? Is the input profile photo in the test case?

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Also see this link: How-to use ‘sendKeys’ or 'File Upload' to upload files - #12 by Dave_Evers