Failed to Upload File - Error Script Test

I create a test case to upload a file with this code: My problem is, why this test case can’t running on the katalon studio. Please, help me to solve this problem.

This is the Screenshot of detail in my test case :


WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(‘Configuration/GlobalConfig/Page_e-service Global Configuratio/upload_file’), ‘~/Download/test/logo.png’)

Can you give the exact path instead of giving ~/Download/test/logo.png


so, is it like this?


I suspect you have ~/Dowloads directory, not ~/Download without s.

Therefore your code should be:



The bash understands ‘~/Downloads’ to be a directory under your home, but Java does not understand ‘~’.


If you do not like to code the absolute path, then you can rewrite your code as:

WebUI.uploadFile(    findTestObject('Configuration/GlobalConfig/Page_e-service  Global Configuratio/upload_file'),    "${System.getProperty('user.home')}/Downloads/test/logo.png")

thanks all