How to Set Query Parameters in WebService Request


I have Created the Web Service Test Object [SearchReport] under Object Repository and created two Parameters let say [Param1,Param2].

I created Testcase[TestSearch] with Test Step WebServiceKeyword, i can see only sendrequest keyword.

Can you let me know how to set values for Param1 & Param2 and how to send them has Query parameters not has Post body parameters?

Thanks, it means we have to write this in testcase and execute it.

Is there a way to set Global variable in Test Objects itself instead of writing separate testcase.

I want Param1 & param2 to be passed as query parameters with using Global Variables in test object.

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The current design of Test Object doesn’t have any ability to do this. You have to pass in from test case.


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Here is the example you can follow:

'Add REST parameter using local variable from Variables tab'
RequestObject request = findTestObject('REST_CommentDetails')
request.getRestParameters().add(new TestObjectProperty('param1', ConditionType.EQUALS, GlobalVariable.param1))
request.getRestParameters().add(new TestObjectProperty('param2', ConditionType.EQUALS, GlobalVariable.param2))

'Send a REST request and returns its response'
def response = WS.sendRequest(request)

So you can use APIs to help you adding custom parameters usng Global Variables to the request object. Please refer to API page for more details.

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I don’t clearly understand your question. What do you really want with that web service test object by using param1 & param2?