How to select value from modal popup in katalon studio?

I am trying to automate the registration page by recording with Katalon studio and try to read data from excel but value selection from the modal popup is not working. I have attached the 2 images. Can anyone please help me with how to select the value from modal popup?

@captainatik2018 You are using selectOptionByValue. Perhaps you should be using selectOptionByLabel instead. To decide which to use, view the source code of the popup. For the select element, if you see the value attribute like, value=‘45000000’, then it is selectOptionByValue. However, if it is like, >45000000< then it is selectOptionByLabel .

You can also use WebUI.switchToWindowTitle(‘Please Select a Unit’) to move to the popup. After your selection, then use, WebUI.switchToDefaultContent(). I think these improve the test script some.

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Thanks for your reply but I solved the issue in another way. Hopefully it will help me in other application.