How to running different locale in same test case

Hi, I’m a new one just start learning Katalon. The web which I am working on having multiple locale such as en, fr, zh. Every time when I trying to test another locale, I have to go to setting->Desired Capabilities->Web UI->Chrome and add a new args in order to change the Chrome locale.

My question: is there have any other why by add a locale changing test case or add a script in Katalon installation setting file to change the Chrome locale. So, we are no longer need to switch different locale manually.

Thank you, hava a good one

You can use a GlobalVariable for the locale. But you will have to write code to launch Chrome Driver.
Something like

import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver
import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.driver.DriverFactory

ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions()
options.addArguments('your argument for the local, using the GlobalVariable.locale')
WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(options)