How to run a AWS Device farm desktop browser test case with Katalon

How to use Device Farm Desktop Browser Testing with Katalon. I am able to found Mobile app but not desktop browser

Any update on this @duyluong


Please refer to this guide:

In addition to offering access to mobile devices, AWS Device Farm also has a Selenium-grid based interface for desktop browser testing:

Device Farm provides an API that is accessible via a number of programming languages and from the AWS CLI:

Generating Device Farm grid URL via CLI

Using this API, it is possible to create a URL that is valid for between 60 seconds and 24 hours. That URL is a standard Selenium Grid URL that can be plugged in to Katalon Studio’s existing remote Desired Capabilities dialog:

Device Farm grid URL in Studio configuration dialog

It seems like it would be relatively easy to integrate Studio with AWS Device Farm to transparently generate an endpoint URL when needed. Studio could also transparently download artifacts from the test such as video and Selenium logs using the ListTestSessionGridArtifacts API: