How to Integrate Amazon AWS Device Farm


I want to integrate Amazon AWS Device Farm into my Katalon project. I do not find the method …

Can you help me integrate it?

Thank you

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Katalon Studio can’t integrate with Amazon AWS Device Farm yet due to its workflow is completely different from other cloud services such as Kobiton, SauceLabs and BrowserStacks.

If this happens it will be great !

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What do you want to do with “integrate AWS Device Farm”?

Katalon Studio’s Docker Image is available. Using it you would be able to deploy Katalon Studio onto a group of AWS EC2 instances using AWS Elastic Container Service. I am afraid that it would not be what you want to achieve — having multiple EC2 instances each of which Katalon Studio installed and work independent each other. Do you want a single Katalon Studio backed by a group of remote browsers (multi-os, multi-browser)? Then, as Vinh mentioned above, BrowserStack and other resources might be your friend.

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AWS Device Farm

It supports limited number of Testing Frameworks listed in

Katalon Studio is not included in the list.


Thank you very much, i used BrowserStack for the mobile automation