How to recognize Spread.NET table objects using Katalon

Our desktop application developers just implemented .NET Spreadsheet by Spread.NET.
Katalon is not recognizing the table objects and I am getting a ‘Pane’ object only. Please help.

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Hi @amar.shoor,

Welcome to our community. Can you please help explain what

mean? Please help provide any error log, screenshot, Katalon version, …

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There is no error.
Before Spread.NET implementation:

  • KSE tool recognized the grids
    After Spread.NET implementation:
  • KSE tool is not recognizing the grids, instead, they are now a ‘Pane’ object

Any way to recognize the Grid in this custom object.

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Hi Amar, :wave:

Welcome to our forum.

Can you help to provide more information in your topic such as: which version of KSE you are using, your test steps / test scripts, any screenshots/recording you may be able to take, and so on, so that we can support you better?


I am using 9.4.0 Build 212