How to pass the url as parameter in the callTestCase method and retrieve the url in the navigatetourl method in called testcase

in caller method i used as
WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase(‘Login’), [‘URL’:findTestData(“XXXX”).getValue(3,2))
in excel it is passed as URL: http://localhost:9100 in two columns (URL and value)

in called method : Login
when i use it as WebUI.navigateToUrl(URL) but i get the value as
.navigateToUrl( in debug, but the actual value is not being passed.

Note: URL is defined as variable in both the methods.

You should not use URL as name of a variable because URL is ambiguous.

You regard URL as a name of variable,
but Groovy runtime regards URL in
as the short hand name of the class.

In order to avoid ambiguity, you should rename your variable
URL --> theURL
or any other string you like.

Thank you, it worked.